Facilities Use Survey-九州体育平台入口
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Has the service, checking availability of room or locations prior to submitting your request, provided useful information to planning events?
The On-Line form is a useful tool to reserve rooms.
Once a Facilities Use Request form has been submitted the reservation is made within 2 weeks, most of the time.
The reservation clerk has provided professional, courteous service necessary to maintaining the effectiveness of the department.
Ths Facilities Use Department most often is able to move meetings to accommodate larger meetings, in conflicting space, with-in a few days of request.
I am a:
Please rate the external services, connected to the Facilities Use Request form, pertaining to the set-up of events.
The Facilities Use Department most often is able to successfully track events and provided necessary reports weekly or as soon as possible, when requested.
The Facilities Use Department has provided useful information and assistance to make event successful at Crafton Hills College.